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All success begins with self discipline. It starts with YOU. How much work are you willing to put into your goals?  You were made to do great things, and that means at some point, you must not only decide to act but commit to a plan of action.


Hockey Development

Each service is custom designed to each individual. Upon signing up we will discuss your current level, future goals, and what you want most out of your training. 



Weights & Conditioning

Weight training is held in downtown Missoula location. Each session is tailored to provide players strength, confidence and explosive speed (forward and backwards), lateral movements, and body control.  


On Ice Sessions

Building strength, speed, and power needed for hockey. Focus on  creating a mentally and physically stronger player with emphasis on skating stride mechanics for speed, power, and endurance. Build your confidence in stick handling, puck control, puck protection and shooting. 

Hockey Game

Team Training

Team training can take place in the gym to work on strength and team building. It can also be used for guest coaching on the ice for teams who would like an outside perspective. 

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